Thursday, May 16, 2013

Steven Seagal: Lawman rides back into town for a THIRD time. For Reelz.

Steven Seagal, yes that's right, Steven Seagal is back on the streets in what might be his best role to date, that of a LAWMAN.

The American cable channel REELZ (which, at this point, needs to change its name to "The Steven Seagal channel") has acquired the rights to the entire show's run, including the "lost" third season, and will begin airing seasons 1 & 2 this year with a view to the big season 3 premiere in January of 2014.

Sadly though there will be no more Seagal and Johnny antics in season 3. After some legal issues halted production of season 2 in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, Season 3 was started up in Seagal's current law enforcement stomping ground, Maricopa County, Arizona under the watchful eye of "America's toughest sheriff" Joe Arpaio. This is where the alleged puppy killing by a tank while breaking up a possible cockfighting ring ensued (you couldn't come up with that if you tried). More legal issues that would basically encourage the A&E channel (original producers of the show) to not air the third season of, what should have been, at this point called, "Steven Seagal in trouble with the law, man"

Johnny or not, I for one will be tuning in to this series and savouring again the wonderful lunacy of Seagal's philosophising, Seagal O'Vision and finding out what other skills and occupations this man has been accumulating over the last 40 years.

Also Reelz has the option to make more if they want so even season 3 might not be the last we see of this endlessly weird and wonderful series.

- The Kick Ass Kid

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