Friday, February 22, 2013

More pictures from Grudge Match

Stallone and De Niro were last seen together in the phenomenal Copland and are currently working on the film Grudge Match which is a comedy about two aging boxers getting back into the ring for one last bout of fisticuffs.

Of course this is the ancient Rocky Balboa Vs Jake LaMotta fight that, personally, I can't wait for! A lot of people are turned off by the age of these guys and others in the action field. We are not. People get cooler as they get older and it's MORE awesome to see them defying not just the odds but mother nature to bring us fighting fanboys what we want.

Maybe the comedic elements of the script are a bit bothering but, really, with this cast, I don't care. That's 1 ticket sold.
Here are some more pictures from the set:

A scene in which a 'made-to-look-younger' Stallone is seemingly arrested for dangling a besuited man out of a window. Awesome
A GREAT shot of our two main guys in fight make up and robes both looking in pretty decent shape for the flick.
Lastly, THIS photo came out today and makes me very excited for the film indeed.
Let me guess... that photo alone has sold a few more tickets, am I right?
-The Kick Ass Kid

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