Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Statham sets his sights on some serious directors

I wrote a blog recently that basically indicated that people underestimate and even, bravely, put down Jason Statham.
They wrongly see him as a bullet headed numbskull making irrelevant, 'wham-bam' action films that are all the same and that he is repeatedly the same character in.
This is patently ludicrous if you've ever heard the man in interviews. He is first to discuss the director or the writer and often the ambitious intention of the film when it comes to character, plot, style etc.

Well Statham, talking in a recent TotalFilm interview, expressed a desire to work with more "serious" directors Ben Affleck and Nicholas Winding Road or whatever his name is.

Statham said
"I look at Ben Affleck and I think he's tremendous,"
"He's so smart and his movies are great. There's a shopping list of directors and actors I'd like to work with. There are fabulous people from Europe. I've been wanting to work with Nicolas Winding Refn for a long, long time. I love his movies, especially the Pusher series. He's so interesting. I met him once a long time ago and we had coffee. I bumped into him recently so I'm hoping that one day we'll do something together."

Despite loving Gone Baby Gone and Argo particularly and thinking he is a very talented director, I can never hear Affleck's name without wanting to punch someone in the face and I wasn't a huge fan of Drive by the Winding Refn guy either but personally I think both of them need to get Statham in their films FAST and they should, upon hearing of this article, start drawing up contracts to work with him.
Also, critics, these are the people Statham wants to work with. These are his words. Stop belittling him and writing him off, you idiots, he has big and brave ideas and I think that's awesome.
Of course if he ever does work with either critics will be wetting their britches to praise it, hypocritical ball sacks full of sick that they are!

For the time being though let us action fans rejoice that our stars have a shed load of integrty and the desire to produce interesting, captivating films and let's support them. Statham for king! That is all.

- The Kick Ass Kid

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