Friday, February 1, 2013

Fox honours Bruce Willis and Die Hard franchise with giant mural

To celebrate 25 years of the franchise and a 5th movie about to arrive any day now, 20th Century Fox had an enormous Bruce Willis in a vest painted on Stage 8 of their backlot. Which personally I think is awesome. The Doc and I are already having one comissioned for the wall of our secret action bunker.
There was a ceremony, Willis, a couple of his daughters and his co-stars from a Good day To Die Hard were in attendance.  
Movie trivia nerds know that, of course, the 20th Century Fox building was used in Die Hard 1 as Nakatomi Plaza.
UPDATE: According to a statement made at the event, the presence of McClane's son, played by Aussie actor Jai Courtney, in A Good Day To Die Hard, doesn't mean Bruce Willis has plans to retire the character of John McClane and hand it off to his son. Willis believes there are other stories he can tell with the character and thank god for that. No one wants Die Hard Jr. The Next Batch!!
Feeling old yet Brucie?
You can watch a timelapse of the painting being done, here -

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