Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sizemore for Expendables 3 Bad Guy?

Sylvester Stallone seemingly doesn't forget a friend as rumours bounce around the internet today of a possible leading villain role for Tom Sizemore in Expendables 3.
Sizemore and Stallone worked together in 1989's Lock Up and they could be reuniting in Bulgaria, of all places, for Expendables 3 later this year.
In a recent interview, discussing his new war movie, Company of Heroes, (also shot in Bulgaria), Tom Sizemore said this:

"I might be going back there for The Expendables 3. I'm up for the lead villain. They shot either the first or the second one there, and they're going back there for the third one. I'm up for it, I'm being considered to be in The Expendables 3. How about Sly, coming back like that? Isn't that great? He gave me my first real break in Lock Up. I love the guy. He's never, ever turned his back on me. I don't know if people know that Sylvester Stallone is one of the most decent gentlemen that I've ever met. He's the most consistent friend I've ever had."

The Jackie Chan, Nicolas Cage and Wesley Snipes rumours also persist, especially as the film gets closer and closer to production.
I know it probably won't happen because there's been no rumours about him this time but I am still holding out for Steven Seagal to show up in the franchise.
I would also love Jeff Speakman, Cynthia Rothrock, Michelle Yeoh, Michael Dudikoff, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Kurt Russell or even Roddy Piper to get in on the action! I hope they make 100 Expendables movies!
No news on the plot as yet but Stallone once hinted in an interview they could even go in a Predator style direction. Expendables versus Aliens? hell they could sit around in a jacuzzi discussing their best turds for all I care, when these legends get on screen, magic ALWAYS happens!

What do you think of Tom Sizemore as the villain?
Who would you like to see in Expendables 3?
Let us know!

- The Kick Ass Kid

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