Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sly and Seagal once got physical

Various places online are reporting that Stallone once slammed Mr Squinty Whisperer himself, Steven Seagal, up against a wall based on some quotes that Stallone made recently to Shortlist magazine.

Apparently the altercation happened after Seagal said he didn't want to be associated with him and his set of macho action film actors.
No, of course not Steven, because you are a serious martial artist, you have integrity and super powers, you don't want wealth, fame, popularity or the chance to stay in the limelight longer than 5 minutes. Why would you? hahaha

Stallone said: ''Steven Seagal said that he, 'Didn't associate with that kind of element' - meaning me. So I slammed him up against a wall. ''At that time, our testosterone was running full bore. He was full of his height [Steven is 6ft 3in, Sylvester is 5ft 10in] and I was full of ... Myself. But we made up. He can be very abstract.''
That may be the best description of Seagal ever "He can be very abstract" ahhh yes, that he can be Sly!
Hey, how come your coat don't have lovely tassels like mine homes?
Hey, my jacket maybe ridiculous, like I'm a spangly fat Beatle, but that shirt's unforgivable ese 
Of course it was at Stallone's house one year that the famous rift between Seagal and Van Damme became apparent as Sly let on a few years back talking to Ain't It Cool News and saying
"But I remember once, at my home in Miami, I believe it was in ’96 or’97, Van Damme was there with Seagal, Willis, Schwarzenegger, Shaquille O’Neal, Don Johnson and Madonna… it was a heck of a party. Van Damme was tired of Seagal saying he could kick his ass and went right up to him and offered him the chance to step outside so he could wipe the floor with him, or should I say wipe the backyard with him. Seagal made some excuse and left. His destination was some Ocean Drive nightclub in Miami. Van Damme, who was completely berserk, tracked him down and again offered him a fight, and again Seagal pulled a Houdini. Who would win? I have to say I believe Van Damme was just too strong and Seagal wanted no part of it. That’s just my opinion."
Taken back when all three of these people looked normal
Stallone still gets on well with Jean-Claude Van Damme, his co-star and sparring partner in Expendables 2 and he even lets the Belgian star do an impression of him.
He added to Shortlist magazine: ''I swear to God. But even he does this, 'Ahhhm doin' daah mooovie with Slaaaah Stallone. How ya doin', baby?' Now you have him, with a French accent, doing my accent. Gimme a break!''

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