Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Expendables 3 Teaser Trailer #2 and 16 Character Photos

So there it is, the second teaser trailer for The Expendables 3 which is due in August. I love the look, the cast and, of course, I'm excited, it's an Expendables film! but the marketing for it has been, so far, a little weak for my taste. In this teaser, for example, we have the Fast and the Furious font and the worrying 'One Last Ride' mention, which is odd as The Expendables 4 is already, supposedly casting and far from a sequel all about the new young members of the team, the latest news about Ex4 is that Pierce Brosnan has been cast! (We here at Action Inc headquarters would've preferred T-Dalt out of all the Bonds but Brosnan's not a bad pick.)

Anyway, whatever happens, in Sly we trust!

To complement this trailer, yesterday, they also released 16 individual cast photographs which are both cool but a little odd. Why do these pictures show lighting equipment? why are there no backdrops? why are they lazy? why are the lights in the photos not doing anything useful? How do these advertise an action film? I love the cast and the photos of the people directly are good but these look like out-take posters, it just makes me want to take these pics and make my own EX3 posters with them on photoshop! 
Maybe that's the point! 

Anyway, here they are, ENJOY!
Tell us what you think!

- The Kick Ass Kid
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