Monday, May 20, 2013

New Pictures and TV Spot from Statham's Redemption (Hummingbird)

We were lucky enough to get hold of the below new photos from Jason Statham's next film Hummingbird in the UK and the disappointing name change to Redemption in the US.
Due out on the 28th of June, while the film certainly has some fight scenes in it, when I see the trailer I get very cool, early 80s Bob Hoskins, Mona Lisa vibes from it. 
Written and Directed by Steven Knight, the man behind Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things I think this is just another fantastic step on Statham's journey to become the next Hoskins, Stamp or Caine. A rough and ready London boy who can handle material with emotional depth too.

Statham deniers need to shut up or move on around me, I am constantly impressed by the man. 

-The Kick Ass Kid

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Will Frank Martin be transporting again?

More action related news out of Cannes today (the most action fuelled Cannes ever perhaps?) when it was revealed that Luc Besson's EuropaCorp and  China's Fundamental Films (run by Mark Gao) are planning to produce not just 1 more Transporter film but 3 more!
The films will be budgeted around the $30-40million mark with at least one of them being filmed in China.
No word from The Stath yet about his possible involvement but let's hope he's not tired of driving after his jump into the Fast and Furious franchise because we don't want anyone else in the role.

This series was the closest a British action star has got to having a James Bond-y type role outside of the Bond franchise and Statham IS Frank Martin, if you don't believe me that it has to be Statham then try and fins The Transporter TV Series they made recently and when you find it, actually try and watch it...
It HAS to be Stath!

- The Kick Ass Kid

Listen to our recent interview with other British action star, who has done a fight scene with Statham, Darren Shahlavi - HERE

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jackie Chan in Cannes: Expendables 3, Police Story 2013 and Skiptrace

Jackie Chan is currently in Cannes and has been talking about a lot of upcoming projects, not least of all the Expendables 3 rumours.

He said "[The Expendables team] did contact me, but right now I have not read the script yet," 

"I’d love to work with Stallone, but until I get back next week and meet Stallone and his manager, see the script… that’s when he’ll tell me what happens."

"I’d most like to have a fight scene with Stallone. Though I’d like to team up with him against the bad guy. There are so many action stars involved, it must be so difficult being the director. How do you share out every scene? 'I want to do something special, I want to do something special!' At the end, it’s all small parts, small parts, small parts. I want a big part! I hope I have a big part with Stallone!"

When asked who would win this fight with Stallone, he smiled and said "I would, I run faster than him."

I know it's just a silly interview at Cannes and obviously there's a little language barrier to overcome but it sounds like Jackie is somewhat missing the point of The Expendables. If there are any 'big' parts at all it's Stallone and Statham and personally that's a dynamic I really hope they don't mess with. They were in danger of messing with it a little in the second one when Arnie and Bruce showed up but I think, ultimately, it was ok.
Stallone does his best to give everyone their moment in the limelight and, again, I think he pulled that off better in the first one but I don't think we need to turn The Expendables into the Stallone and Chan show, Jackie should do a buddy cop film with Sly if that's what he wants. Also how do you have a film where he fights Stallone AND team up with him?
Anyway in Sly we trust, I guess we are going to have to wait and see.

He then went on to talk about Police Story 2013 which, apparently, is being touted as a franchise reboot more than just another sequel, as, in it, Chan plays a different character from Kevin Chan Ka-Kui and his character now comes from the mainland.

"I’ve just finished Police Story 2013. It’s totally different to my last movie, 12 Zodiac. 12 Zodiac was 'ah-ah-ah-ah-ah' (mimes fast kung fu moves), whereas Police Story 2013 is very much a drama. That’s why I choose different roles every year – I don’t like to do three 12 Zodiacs in a row, then Rush Hours 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. So after 12 Zodiac, then Police Story, now I’m doing Skiptrace. A different kind of character. Next year, probably Karate Kid 2, then I’m back to the old things again."

Not sure how he would even squeeze in a BIG role in Expendables 3 (shooting later this year) with that busy roster!

Skiptrace will see Chan teaming up with Fan Bingbing who he starred with in Shinjuku incident. It's an English language, action comedy about a Hong Kong detective who joins forces with a gambler to take down a notorious criminal. There had been talks about Chris Tucker starring but Jackie Chan didn't want it confused with it being Rush Hour 4. It will be directed by Sam Fell who previously did animated films Paranorman and Flushed Away.

"This is a script I’ve been developing for 20 years," says Chan. "One of my babies. Then I gave it to Sam, he changes a lot of the script, he changes a lot of the characters. I really want the situation to help with a lot of the stunts. You don’t want another restaurant, a beach, a boat… I have to find new locations for the fights. And this movie is all about the locations. Mongolia, Siberia, Macau, Hong Kong, Yellow River, Vietnam, construction sites… that helps with a lot of action comedy."
- All interview sourced from Empire Online

Skiptrace wants to shoot in September, again something that might conflict with Expendables 3. We wait and see...

- The Kick Ass Kid

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Expendables 3 UPDATE: Stallone Tweets and Action geeks fall at his feet!

A while ago Sylvester Stallone said he was quitting Twitter. Well, luckily for us action nerds, with Escape Plan, Grudge Match and Expendables 3 in the pipeline, Mr. Stallone has decided to remain on the social media platform for the time being and, lately, every time the Rocky Balboa actor has taken to tweeting, they've been heard and repeated around the world.
Bullet To The Head may have sadly flopped but there's no denying the interest and excitement fans still have for The Expendables franchise.

Here are his latest 140 character musings, in them are contained some fantastic news:

So, there you have it. Possible Antonio Banderas (reuniting after 1995's Assassins), definite Jackie Chan, definite Mickey Rourke and definite Wesley Snipes
A mention of The Raid and a possible hint of a certain Raid actor's involvement makes us smile considerably and claims that EX3 will better The Raid, while big and certainly confident, if anyone can, only this bunch of beautiful bastards can. 
Of course, like with any EX3 news there's always the feeling that it would nice to see a Cynthia Rothrock mention or a Kurt Russell but it looks like the casting is heading another way and that's fine too.
Our personal wish is to see Darren Shahlavi in a bad guy or henchman role so Statham can engage in another Brit off at the end with another find United Kingdom arse kicker.
- The Kick Ass Kid

Bruce Willis is cranky and expiring?

Bruce Willis is going where his younger, also bald, Expendable compadre Jason Statham has gone before and has signed on to star as a hitman in a new $60 million dollar action thriller Expiration.
The plot would see Willis poisoned and having to frantically look for the cure before he expires.

The script is written by Broken City writer Brian Tucker, who must've never heard of Crank I guess, and the film is set to begin production in March 2014.

"The deal was announced in Cannes by Randall Emmett and George Furla, co-founders of Emmett/Furla Films. In addition to the firm, Tucker is also producing, with Steven Eads executive producing.

Emmett/Furla is in negotiations to lock in a director for the film and plans to present it to buyers in June." - Source The Hollywood Reporter

- The Kick Ass Kid

Steven Seagal: Lawman rides back into town for a THIRD time. For Reelz.

Steven Seagal, yes that's right, Steven Seagal is back on the streets in what might be his best role to date, that of a LAWMAN.

The American cable channel REELZ (which, at this point, needs to change its name to "The Steven Seagal channel") has acquired the rights to the entire show's run, including the "lost" third season, and will begin airing seasons 1 & 2 this year with a view to the big season 3 premiere in January of 2014.

Sadly though there will be no more Seagal and Johnny antics in season 3. After some legal issues halted production of season 2 in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, Season 3 was started up in Seagal's current law enforcement stomping ground, Maricopa County, Arizona under the watchful eye of "America's toughest sheriff" Joe Arpaio. This is where the alleged puppy killing by a tank while breaking up a possible cockfighting ring ensued (you couldn't come up with that if you tried). More legal issues that would basically encourage the A&E channel (original producers of the show) to not air the third season of, what should have been, at this point called, "Steven Seagal in trouble with the law, man"

Johnny or not, I for one will be tuning in to this series and savouring again the wonderful lunacy of Seagal's philosophising, Seagal O'Vision and finding out what other skills and occupations this man has been accumulating over the last 40 years.

Also Reelz has the option to make more if they want so even season 3 might not be the last we see of this endlessly weird and wonderful series.

- The Kick Ass Kid

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

For Fast and Furious Statham, the Seventh time's the charm.

Even before series regular Michelle Rodriguez confirmed the news at the London premiere of Fast 6 on May 7th, it was assumed that the one and only Statham would be joining Fast and Furious 7 and is rumoured to have a cameo near the conclusion of part 6.
With his 3 starring roles and the Fast films, that's 5 confirmed Statham sightings in the next 2 years. This is GREAT news. The world needs more Statham and The Fast & Furious franchise needs one more bald, bullet headed hardman to add to its ranks.
They should really get Paul Walker to shave his head!
Fast & Furious 6 hits theatres May 24th and the renamed Hummingbird now Redemption gets limited theatrical release in the US starting June 28th.
- The Kick Ass Kid
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