Thursday, May 16, 2013

Expendables 3 UPDATE: Stallone Tweets and Action geeks fall at his feet!

A while ago Sylvester Stallone said he was quitting Twitter. Well, luckily for us action nerds, with Escape Plan, Grudge Match and Expendables 3 in the pipeline, Mr. Stallone has decided to remain on the social media platform for the time being and, lately, every time the Rocky Balboa actor has taken to tweeting, they've been heard and repeated around the world.
Bullet To The Head may have sadly flopped but there's no denying the interest and excitement fans still have for The Expendables franchise.

Here are his latest 140 character musings, in them are contained some fantastic news:

So, there you have it. Possible Antonio Banderas (reuniting after 1995's Assassins), definite Jackie Chan, definite Mickey Rourke and definite Wesley Snipes
A mention of The Raid and a possible hint of a certain Raid actor's involvement makes us smile considerably and claims that EX3 will better The Raid, while big and certainly confident, if anyone can, only this bunch of beautiful bastards can. 
Of course, like with any EX3 news there's always the feeling that it would nice to see a Cynthia Rothrock mention or a Kurt Russell but it looks like the casting is heading another way and that's fine too.
Our personal wish is to see Darren Shahlavi in a bad guy or henchman role so Statham can engage in another Brit off at the end with another find United Kingdom arse kicker.
- The Kick Ass Kid

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