Monday, May 20, 2013

New Pictures and TV Spot from Statham's Redemption (Hummingbird)

We were lucky enough to get hold of the below new photos from Jason Statham's next film Hummingbird in the UK and the disappointing name change to Redemption in the US.
Due out on the 28th of June, while the film certainly has some fight scenes in it, when I see the trailer I get very cool, early 80s Bob Hoskins, Mona Lisa vibes from it. 
Written and Directed by Steven Knight, the man behind Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things I think this is just another fantastic step on Statham's journey to become the next Hoskins, Stamp or Caine. A rough and ready London boy who can handle material with emotional depth too.

Statham deniers need to shut up or move on around me, I am constantly impressed by the man. 

-The Kick Ass Kid

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