Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jason Statham update!

Statham has been doing the rounds lately promoting his new film Hummingbird (out here in the States renamed as Redemption) which comes out this weekend June 28th.
For us here at the blog it's one of our most anticipated releases as it seems to blend Stath like action with an early 80s Bob Hoskins style gritty London movie. Cinematic gold in other words.
Here's a great interview he did for MTV where he actually goes in depth on Redemption, Fast 7, Expendables 3 and where he sees himself now.

For those who have read our article 'Parker and let's get serious about Statham' you'll know that we have been supporting Statham's attempts to push his acting and work with interesting writer/director teams. It's nice, here, to see, finally, on this round of interviews, people asking him about precisely that. The slow ones will catch up, just remember we saw his genius first.

He also mentions, again, about wanting to do an action comedy and a pairing between him and Will Ferrell sounds amazing! Of course, if that doesn't work out, he could always try Jimmy Fallon with whom he stretched his comedy chops AND his arm wrestling skills recently on the late night talk-show.

and the last bit of info we have on the future of Stath is that while he may never be asked to don the tux of James Bond (because the producers are fools!), he may not have to as he has been pegged to star in a $35 million dollar British action film based on the Bulldog Drummond spy novels. Books which Ian Flemming himself said were an inspiration for Bond.

The film, Bulldog Drummond: Hero for Hire is currently on hold because they have been attempting to build a workable studio in Bahrain were some of the action set pieces will take place. Also where the producers of the film are trying to get a tasty tax rebate.

Jason, if he is involved, is probably thankful for the delay though because what with Heat, Homefront, Ex3 & Fast 7 on his plate already it would seem impossible to squeeze another film into that schedule but, we'll see! Just as long as he keeps making them, I'll keep watching them and applauding like an insane person!

- The Kick Ass Kid

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