Friday, March 22, 2013

FIRST NEW Hummingbird Trailer

or View it Here -

Earlier in the week we brought you the NEW Hummingbird poster and it looked super cool. Now, hot on its heels, comes the first official trailer and it just blew my socks off. I am hoping this is the film that finally stops people's negative tongues flapping towards Statham and wins them over. This just looks amazing. He looks great, the plot looks awesome and drenched in emotion and London hasn't looked this awesomely gritty and neon soaked since Bob Hoskins in Mona Lisa.

Let us know what you think!
Us, personally, we're going to be there opening night! (and the day after that too!)
-The Kick Ass Kid

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dolph Lundgren wanted for He-Man reboot and JCVD wants to bring Van Dammage to Avengers 2!

As is seemingly inevitable in this day and age, not content with remaking every horror film we hold dear they are now going to start working their way through our action childhood too and a remake or reboot (or whatever word is trendy that week) of Masters of The Universe is in the works.
This week the director, John Chu (director of the delayed G.I. Joe: Retaliation) indicated that he'd like to work with Lundgren in some capacity when he made this statement:
"I don't know if Dolph Lundgren is around or what he's doing but, yeah, I think that could be some fun if we could find a way. I hope he still has the loincloth and the long hair and everything."

As there's nothing official yet you can take this with a pinch of salt.
Do you want to see a new MOTU movie?
Do you want to see Lundgren in there in some capacity?
Let us know!
The other bit of random casting news this week was that loveable, puppy hugging, splits doing Belgian, Jean-Claude Van Damme posted that picture (to the left) to his Facebook page and said:
"It was my pleasure to meet Mr. Stan Lee (creator of "X-Men", "The Incredible Hulk" and "Spider-Man") back in 1994, along with Mr. Samuel & Mr. Victor Hadida! I read that Chris Hemsworth (star of "Thor" and brother of Liam Hemsworth, "The Expendables 2") would like me to costar in "The Avengers 2" movie! Well, it would be fun to play one of these types of amazing comic book characters again. By the way, I am a big fan of Marvel's superhero Silver Surfer and also another heroic fictional character known as Doc Savage - the Man of Bronze!"
No indication where he heard that Thor wanted him in the film (possibly from his brother, Liam, on the set of EX2) but it's pretty much assured that, sadly, this will never happen.
I have read a lot of blogs deriding Van Damme or saying he was a has been, well I know people want any and all information on Avengers 2 possible but when was the last time people wrote this many blogs and news articles on a has-beens Facebook post?? hmmmmmmm?
Haters gotts hate I guess.
I personally would LOVE to see an 80s or 90s action star like Van Damme (or whoever) in some of one of these big comic book movies. They'd bring it, they'd own it and their scene or scenes would be legendary. FACT.

Do you want Van Damme in Avengers 2?
What other Expendable cast member would you want in a comic book movie?
Who would they play?

- The Kick Ass Kid

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

FIRST Hummingbird Poster!

Total Film just printed the above poster for new Jason Statham Brit-flick Hummingbird.

Stath plays Joey Jones an awol ex-special forces soldier in this directorial debut by Steven Knight, who wrote Dirty Pretty Things and Eastern Promises.

The plot is described as: "After witnessing his unit ripped to shreds by artillery fire in Afghanistan, Joey Jones (Jason Statham) has been living on the streets of London, trying to forget his past and stay of out trouble. On the run from a ruthless gang, he breaks into the apartment of a wealthy man in Convent Garden and assumes his upper-class identity. Just as Joey is on his way to making amends with his friend and sponsor Sister Cristina, his pregnant girlfriend is found dead in the river. Now, Joey must use his connections in the Chinese mob to find the man responsible, stopping at nothing until justice is served."
- source

This looks to be another film where Statham, while within his wheelhouse of action, is again continuing to try something different and interesting. A trait I cannot applaud too loudly or too highly.

It looks and sounds awesome. More as we hear more and you can check out the film when it opens in the UK on 17 May 2013.

You want action news? you know where to come....
- The Kick Ass Kid

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sly spills the beans on EXPENDABLES 3 via Twitter

Ok, so after lots of rumours flying around the internet since seemingly the premiere of EX2, Sly Stallone took to twitter this week to finally set the record straight.

The tweets in question were as follows:
Writing EX3 at the moment... there are going to be mountains of surprises..
EX3 needs NEW blood and more humor.... The films were always meant to be more on the humorous side with moments of drama
No S. Seagal, sorry ,but maybe we get lucky with J. Chan! And some young bloods!!!
By young I mean 22 to 27. Not big bruisers but tech wizard, super brains and a young woman who is not a sex symbol but funny ,tough,REAL

Looking at those tweets the news is both exciting and disappointing. A new Expendables movie will ALWAYS be exciting news and the fact that Sly is once again writing it is good.

The first thing that strikes us as curious is the fact that Jackie Chan is not the lock-in everyone expected and second, of course, is the fact that Doc and Kid favourite Steven Seagal has clearly definitely declined or Sly did not extend his offer to the 3rd film. Maybe Seagal "laughed in their face", maybe he was too busy arming schools or maybe the studio declined the catering budget required.

All this talk of humour and young bloods doing tech stuff is also worrying. The first one, while having good banter between the cast, wasn't anywhere near a comedy but more a traditional 80s style action movie and the second, while openly funnier, doesn't exactly back up the claim that the films were always intended to be on the humourous side and as for the young bloods comment, it really smacks to me of studio meddling because of the recent poor performance of older action men in the box office.

However, in Sly we trust and we mustn't get greedy, that the first two exist at all is phenomenal and while the internet (and us) clearly want the likes of Rothrock, Snipes, Seagal, Cage etc. whatever EX3 turns out to be, you can guarantee we'll be there opening night!

-The Kick Ass Kid

Friday, March 8, 2013

Things HEAT up between Jason Statham and Sofia Vergara

Clearly the poor box office returns on action in early 2013 is not slowing down, Doc and The Kid favourite, Jason Statham and, personally, we couldn't be happier.
Along with British drama Hummingbird 
and Sylvester Stallone penned and produced, 70s throw-back actioner, Homefront
Statham looks set to complete his trilogy of films beginning with H with a remake of Burt Reynold's 1986 film Heat.
Now ask me about remakes in any other genre or, more or less, starring anyone else and I am flat against them but, I think, Statham proved himself succesful in the remakes of Death Race and The Mechanic, they have original screenwriter (and Hollywood legend) William Goldman writing again (he wrote the novel and the screenplay in '86), Simon West (Con Air, Expendables 2) directing, Statham producing and frequent Stath collaborator, martial arts legend and awesome fight director Cory Yuen orchestrating the fisticuffs. Which, for me, is quite the line up. Where do I buy my ticket? How soon can I see this then? I am drooling as I type this.

Do you want to add to that list someone who will definitely make your ears and something else, prick up?
Well it seems after steaming up the screen with Jennifer Lopez in Parker that Jason can't leave the lovely Latino ladies alone because, announced today, Modern Family hottie Sofia Vergara will be starring opposite the British bulldog in Heat.
Not familiar with her? Well here she is...
Now you're sure this is going to be a hit, right?
Oh and want her action credentials?
How about this picture...
That's right she is also starring in Robert Rodriguez's follow up to Machete later this year and apparently theres some added bonuses to her assets that only a classy director like Rodriguez knows how to utilise. Makes Rose McGowen's leg gun in Planet Terror look positively tame, right?

This article was a pleasure to write because after the testicle kicking that action took over the last couple of months it looks like these fine folks, at least, are not going down without a fight!

- The Kick Ass Kid
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