Tuesday, May 14, 2013

For Fast and Furious Statham, the Seventh time's the charm.

Even before series regular Michelle Rodriguez confirmed the news at the London premiere of Fast 6 on May 7th, it was assumed that the one and only Statham would be joining Fast and Furious 7 and is rumoured to have a cameo near the conclusion of part 6.
With his 3 starring roles and the Fast films, that's 5 confirmed Statham sightings in the next 2 years. This is GREAT news. The world needs more Statham and The Fast & Furious franchise needs one more bald, bullet headed hardman to add to its ranks.
They should really get Paul Walker to shave his head!
Fast & Furious 6 hits theatres May 24th and the renamed Hummingbird now Redemption gets limited theatrical release in the US starting June 28th.
- The Kick Ass Kid

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