Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dolph Lundgren is Invincible (but then we knew that, right?)

Dolph Lundgren is officially the hardest working man in action. With a TV Show and 8 films (that's 8 films!!!) in the pipeline, it seems that, over the last 2 or 3 years Lundgren is, wisely, capatalising on the success of The Expendables by hurriedly making and appearing a ridiculous amount of films in '11, '12 and now 2013 and we here at The Doc and The Kids underground action cave couldn't be happier. We wish Van Damme was doing the same thing!

Now not all of these 9 movies are going to be stone cold classics of course but with one of them being a Kung Fu western with Tony Jaa (A Man Will Rise), one of them being another pair up with Scott Adkins (Tomb of the Dragon), one of them being a Red Heat style buddy cop film that he helped write (Skin Trade) and one of them being Expendables 3 you can't fail to be excited and fist bump the nearest action fan and say YEAH!

To add to this impressive roster of films is the news today that Lundgren will be starring in a film as an invincible super soldier going up against Ving Rhames's cop. In what sounds like Universal Soldier meets Robocop, Rhames gets gunned down but is given a second chance when the government then make him a super soldier too and they have to go head to head.

Filmed in Canada, written and directed by Daniel Zirilli and produced by Richard Salvatore the film is currently in pre-production and I am sure Lundgren will get to it when he's finished his 8 other features!!

Now seriously Van Damme, you and Dolph were the best things in EX2 and were both given your time to shine! with only the upcoming 'Swelter' that even seems a remote cause for excitement, you really need to be doing more right now!

- The Kick Ass Kid

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