Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Statham and Sofia on the set of Heat Remake

Jason Statham, not slowing down for a second, was snapped on the set of his Heat remake yesterday in New Orleans and boy doesn't he look happy about that fact!

Before there's any confusion, this is a remake of the 1986 film Heat starring Burton Reynolds (not the Robert De Niro, Al Pacino shout fest from 1995). The film concerns a security man from Las Vegas having to go up against the mob after a friend of his is badly beaten.
Both the original and this remake are written by renowned screenwriter William Goldman, knowing The Stath a bit by now I would say this is one of the reasons for taking the gig.
Another reason he initially signed on was the supposed presence of Brian DePalma as director. As that fell through it is now being directed by action maestro, Expendables 2 helmer and probably Stath pal, Simon West.

Jason is seen here on the left wearing a "fuck off paparazzi cunt" look that's very in right now.

His co-star, pictured above, is, as we reported earlier, Modern family's Sofia Vergara who will also be seen this year stretching her action muscle (which is probably located somewhere in the thighs) in Machete Kills.
In Heat she plays the character DD, originally portrayed by Deborah Rush.

Are you excited about this film dear reader? We want to know!
Source: MailOnline
-The Kick Ass Kid

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