Thursday, April 11, 2013

Do the Expendables have a brave heart?

So how do people feel about Mel Gibson now then? Do people still loathe him? or has his recent turns in Edge of Darkness, Get The Gringo and the upcoming Machete Kills softened audiences and reminded them of his awesome action history?
It is a question that Sylvester Stallone seems to want answering. Taking to Twitter a few hours ago he wrote:
What about Mel Gibson directing EXPENDABLES FIVE???
and then
No , I was kidding about , but seriously , what about Mel Gibson directing EXPENDABLES 3? Opinions anyone ? Curious.....
Well so are we. We want to know! What do you think?
Personally, while I am 99.9% sure that, if I was in a room with the man, we wouldn't get on or agree on very much, I think it would be a very interesting idea.
Gibson has a great action star heritage, his directed films, while not exactly action, are big enough in scope that he could take on an Expendables film, he is also a very successful director with his films having high grosses and I, also, wouldn't be adverse to him having a cameo either.

The Expendables films are all about nostalgia and Gibson is a huge part of that 80s/90s action landscape (like an Aussie Bruce Willis almost) and also I am not the biggest fan of Simon West's directing of part 2. I think if they don't get a surprise, interesting director choice like a John Woo, a Mel Gibson or even someone weird like a James Glickenhaus then Sly himself should get back into the Director's chair. He's the best man for the job. Definitely.

We want to hear from you though - are we ready to forgive Gibbo or not?
- The Kick Ass Kid

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