Monday, April 8, 2013

No longer Jean-Claude Van Damme now Dolph Lundgren Joins Tony Jaa and A Man Will Rise

We reported on the site, a while back, that there were rumours JCVD and Tony Jaa would be working together soon. Well, we sincerely hope that still happens but, in the meantime, we are also happy to report that, another favourite action hero of ours, Dolph Lundgren has stepped into the fray for a new film, retitled from Local Hero to A Man Will Rise.
We have some EXCLUSIVE pictures from behind the scenes of this film which looks to be from the small, rare but always fun genre mash-up East meets Western. Which span films the likes of The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe from 1973 and The Good, the Bad and The Weird (2008).

Here's hoping Van Damme picks up some good roles soon and starts to monopolise on being the best thing in Expendables 2.

-The Kick Ass Kid

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