Tuesday, April 23, 2013

EXPENDABLES 3 Finds its director... down under!

In a series of tweets that excited the fans, Sylvester Stallone had made it clear recently that, after Mel Gibson dropped out, his next idea was some new blood. To find someone hungry, like Stallone was when he started out, someone new.
Well it looks like the search is over and the new blood, who will be thrust into the explosions, guns, earth, grit, gore and quips, will be Australian Patrick Hughes!
His first film, Red Hill (2010), was the story of a young, na├»ve sheriff, who is wounded in the city and decides to move to a small quiet, outback town only, of course, to have the hardest criminal of them all break out of prison and start bumping off his police force.
Trailer for Red Hill
Well we here, that's The Doc & The Kid, trust Stallone and although it would've been epic to see Gibson, John Woo or even Stallone himself direct, I think him giving this newbie a chance is just awesome and inspiring.

Stallone tweeted:
I would Direct it myself , but I want my HANDS free to fight!!!

Found an EXCITING director... Things sometimes happen for a Reason....Okay?

Rent RED HILL. Great Movie!! 500,000 budget 20 day shoot, Amazing - ROCKY was 850,000 and 25 days , Good OMEN!!!

Hey , Everyone should go look at Patrick Hughes short film on U-Tube It is called SIGNS . It will move you in a GOOD WAY. You will LOVE it!

It's a good omen that you endorse the guy, Sly, that's all we need - now get shooting the damn thing sharpish!

Thank you to Snoog from WAFU who alerted us to this news!
- The Kick Ass Kid

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