Monday, February 4, 2013

Scott Adkins and Randy Couture to star in Distant Shore

News announced tonight that Scott Adkins next film will be an action thriller called 'Distant Shore'.

His official Facebook page said
"Described as being in the vein of Dead Calm and The Grey, the story centers around a couple who sails into the ocean to commit suicide but are interrupted by the arrival of another mysterious vessel. Before long these two people who were ready to die are fighting to stay alive."

It is being produced by indie producers Joseph and Jack Nasser
The Nassers’ NGN Releasing is teaming up with Studio City Pictures to finance the film which has a script by Dan Benamor and Evan Jacobs and has Dominic James(Die) on board as director.

Reports are that this will be filmed later this year and then Couture will move on to the set of Expendables 3.

Source The Hollywood Reporter

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