Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sean Penn to play a Terrier in Taken Director's Prone Gunman

According to the Hollywood Reporter, and who are are we to doubt them, Pierre Morel, the director of awesome Liam Neeson action vehicle 'Taken', is planning to direct Sean Penn in Prone Gunman, which we can all agree is a really silly name for a film.
This will be an action thriller from Silver Pictures’ Joel Silver and Andrew Rona.
Based on a Jean-Patrick Manchette novel and a script by Peter Travis (we are hoping they don't mean Roilling Stone magazine's Peter Travis as he is a weasley hypocrite bag of dicks).

The story will be all about an international operative (operative of what it doesn't say) named Martin Terrier who is betrayed by the organization he works for and must go on the run across Europe.
As long as he does so indiscriminately shooting people in the face, nailing metal spikes through their thighs and electrocuting them, headbutting foreigners and scaring children with his ridiculously crumpled face and bulbous nose then consider us a tad excited about this.

Who, then, is excited to see Penn, no stranger to the odd violent outburst in a film but hardly what you call an 'action star' go the Neeson route and become an over 50 ass kicker?

"Silver and Studio Canal, which is fully financing the picture, are looking at a spring 2013 production start in several locales across Europe."
I maybe a Terrier but I am nobody's bitch

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