Sunday, December 15, 2013


A few days ago we reported on the fantastic news that Fred Williamson's Po' Boy Productions and Bargain Basement Productions are teaming up for Old School Gangstas, the follow-up to Original Gangstas. You can read more HERE

Well the Kickstarter campaign went live today and there are all sorts of groovy prizes for supporting the film but, really, the biggest incentive is to see this awesome film get made.
The Hammer, Jim Brown and Pam 'Coffy' Grier joining up together again for a movie? Once was mind-blowing enough, twice is exceptionally cool.

Here's what The Hammer himself has to say about the campaign:
"Fred Williamson has the script, actors, and production schedule lined up. The only thing holding back the film is funding. With his 40+ years of production experience writing/directing/acting/producing via his company Po' Boy Productions, Williamson can make a $1.2 million dollar film that will go toe-to-toe with any big studio picture. With YOUR HELP, The Hammer & co. can make OLD SCHOOL GANGSTAS independently, and with style. This film will deliver. Thank you!"

We here at Dr.Action and the Kick Ass Kid and The After Movie Diner will be supporting and reporting on this film up to the day of its release so please join us, won't you and give generously. Chances like this never come again.
- The Kick Ass Kid

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